How do I subscribe to a MediaSpace channel?

To receive email notifications when new videos are published to a channel, you can subscribe to that channel. Not all channels allow subscribers.

To subscribe to a channel, you must log into MediaSpace. How do I access Tufts MediaSpace?

Click on the "All Channels" tab.

All channels tab

Select the channel you want to subscribe to.

To search for a channel, use the "Search for Channels" box above the channel listings.

Click on the "Subscribed/Unsubscribed" toggle.

toggle in subscribed state

Under the channel thumbnail, there is a "Subscribed/Unsubscribed" toggle. If you are subscribed to the channel, the "Subscribed" button will be green.

If you do not see the toggle, the channel does not allow subscribers.

To unsubscribe from a channel, click the "Subscribed/Unsubscribed" toggle again.

toggle in unsubscribed state

If the "Unsubscribed" button is black or gray, you are no longer subscribed to the channel.