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How do I upload a Tufts Library MediaSpace playlist file in Canvas?

Tisch Library provides a digitizing and distribution service for streaming videos for academic course use. If you request access to streaming media for your course, the library may provide you with a MediaSpace playlist (in the form of an HTML file you will upload to your course site).

For more information about digitization and streaming media, contact the library.  

To upload the MediaSpace HTML file to Canvas, go to your course site and click Files

"Files" option in Canvas course menu

This displays the Canvas Files tool

Select (or create) the folder you want to upload the HTML file to and click Upload

Folder name and "Upload" button in Files section of a Canvas course site

This displays your computer's file locator.

Select the HTML file sent to you by the Tisch Library and click Open (or Select)

HTML file name highlighted (selected), and "Open" file highlighted

This uploads the HTML file to your Files tool.


Filename showing in file list in Files section of Canvas course site

Students can click on this file in the Files tool and the file will display the MediaSpace Playlist of videos in Canvas

MediaSpace Playlist showing two videos

In addition to providing access to the HTML file in the Canvas Files tool, instructors can also link the file in a Canvas text box or link in a Canvas Module.

Link in Canvas Text Box: (Announcements / Syllabus / Pages / Assignments / Discussions / Quizzes)

Canvas course site text editing window, and selected tab called "Files"

This displays all of the files upload to the site's Files tool

HTML filename showing in list of files

This inserts a link to that file in the Canvas text box.

Click Save/Publish/Post

"Save & Publish" button highlighted underneath Canvas text editing window

Note: The example above is a Canvas Pages text box. Links to Tisch Library MediaSpace Playlist files can be linked in any Canvas text box  (Announcements / Pages / Syllabus / Assignments / Discussions / Quizzes).


Example of a link to an HTML page

Example - Display when link to file in text box is opened

MediaSpace Playlist showing two videos

Link in Canvas Module:

Go to the Canvas Module then click Add Item (+)

Canvas Modules page with "+ Module" button highlighted

This displays the Canvas Module Add Item page.

Click on the Add dropdown box and select File

"File" option highlighted in dropdown menu

This displays all of the files in the site's Files tool

Select the Tisch Library HTML file, then click Add Item

Filename highlighted

This adds a link to the Tisch Library MediaSpace Playlist HTML file to the Module.


Link to HTML file showing in Module in Canvas course site
MediaSpace Playlist showing two videos