How do I upload a Youtube video to MediaSpace?

All Tufts University (faculty/students/staff) accounts can access Kaltura's MediaSpace and can upload and store video files.

Login to MediaSpace

Tufts University

First select the NOT LOGGED IN option on the top right of the MediaSpace page. Then click Login from the dropdown menu.

Click Add New and select Youtube

Tufts University

Paste the Youtube Video URL and Click Preview

My Media

Once you have pasted the URL the Preview box will be selectable.

Ensure it is the correct video

My Media

Enter Name, Description, Tags, then Click Save

My Media

The information will be pulled from the youtube video. Once you have adjusted the information click Save.

Click Go To My Media

This displays your My Media space with all of the videos you have uploaded.

NOTE: Depending on the size of the video, it may take awhile for the video to be "processed". When finished processing, you will receive an email at your Tufts email address indicating that the video has been successfully processed.

Example of the video in My Media

My Media

Note: Since mechanical captioning is automatic you will first see a tag that says, autoprocessing. This will then change to autocomplete when CC is available. This will not require any action on your part.

My Media

After the autocomplete tag appears you will be able to edit your captions.

Use this guide to open the Closed Captions Editor: How can I edit captions on my media videos? (New)