How do I add media to a channel? (Method 1)

All users that have "Manager" permission on a channel can add videos from their My Media to that channel.

Note: Videos must be fully processed before they can be added to a channel.

After login, click on your name and select "My Media."

This displays your My Media list.

Click on the name of the media you want to add to a channel.

This displays the media in a MediaSpace player.

Click "Actions" and select "Publish" from the dropdown menu.

This displays a publishing panel.

Select the "Published" radio button.

This opens a panel that lists all of the channels that you have permission to publish to.

Check the box next to the channels you want the media published to and click "Save."

This adds the media to the selected channel(s).

To confirm that the media was added, click "All Channels" at the top of the page.

This displays all of the channels that you manage.

Click on the channel that you added the media to.

This displays the contents of the channel, including your newly added media.

Example of the media listed in the channel

Note: If the channel has any "Playlists", the Playlists will be displayed. To see all of the videos in the channel, click the blue "# Media" button.