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How Do I Create a Question & Answer Assignment in Bongo?

In a Question and Answer assignment, the student is presented with questions and given a set amount of time to respond via video recording. The student only has one opportunity to answer each question.

Bongo can be accessed by students through Canvas via the Assignments link or within a Module.

Create the Bongo Assignment in Canvas

  1. Enter a title for the Assignment.  It must be unique to all your other course assignment titles and cannot be changed once the assignment has been saved.
  2. Add Points

Although you can set the number of attempts allowed in Canvas, you will also need to set this in Bongo.

  1. Select External Tool
  2. Click Find
  1. Choose  Bongo Learn
  2. Click Select
  1. Check Load This Tool in a New Tab
  2. Select Limited or Unlimited from the Allowed Attempts dropdown menu. Although this page lets you set the number of attempts allowed, you will also need to set this in Bongo.
  3. Enter Due, Available from, and Until dates.
  4. Click Save. Remember to click Save & Publish once you have completed creating the Bongo assignment.

Make sure the dates you set in Bongo for the assignment are the same as in Canvas.

Click Load Question & Answer Assignment in a new window.

Activate the Assignment on the Bongo Site

Notice you are now on the Bongo site.  If this is the first time you are creating a Bongo assignment in a particular course, you will be prompted with the following Class Creation options; otherwise, you will not see these options:

Click Create a new course


Choose Question & Answer

Complete the Question & Answer Settings

  1. Name the Assignment.
  2. If desired, provide a Due Date and Due Time that will serve as a guideline for the students, but will not prevent students from submitting once the date has passed. To clear the due date/time, click the "X" button to the right of Due Date. If you have set a due date/time in Canvas,  remember students will not be able to access the assignment passed that due date. 
  3. Select the Evaluation Type. See: Scoring Methods in Bongo
  4. Enter text instructions for the assignment. The character limit is 1,024 characters, including spaces. While not required, it is recommended to include video instructions as well. If you would like to create video instructions or share an example of the assignment, click on the webcam icon and add your video.

Add Questions

Enter a Text or Video Question Prompt

Please note that an hour glass may show for several minutes while the video is processing.

Manage Questions

  1. Uncheck the Active text if you want certain questions to not be asked in the assignment
  2. Click the Trash Can icon to delete a question.
  3. Hold and drag the Hamburger icon to re-order the questions.

Configure Answer Settings

  1. Select the desired Recording Mode.   If Camera only is selected only the student will be recorded.  If Camera + Screen is selected, student will be required to record their screen in addition to their camera for every answer. This will require the student to access the assignment from a device that supports screen recording (mobile devices are not supported for this feature).
  2. For Delay,  enter how long to allow a delay (in seconds) between the time that the question finishes and the recording begins.
  3. Select the Min Record Time and Max Record Time (in seconds) to determine the response parameters.

Add Post-Submission Instructions (optional)

Post-Submission Instructions can provide text or video with additional information or the assignment video can be uploaded again for students to review.

  1. Click SHOW ADVANCED in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll up to the Post-Submission Instructions section to enter text or upload a video.

Customize Peer Review

Peer Review is only available when students give Video Responses.

Save the Bongo Assignment

View Status of the Bongo Assignment

Once the Bongo assignment has been saved, you can view each student's progression in the assignment from their first view through completion, evaluation, and published score.

Edit Bongo Assignment

After the Bongo assignment is saved, you may find the need to edit the settings.

  1. Click the down triangle next to Overview in the breadcrumb trail.
  2. Click Configure

Edit Canvas Assignment

After the Bongo assignment is saved, you may need to edit the Canvas assignment.

  1. Click the browser tab containing the Canvas assignment.
  2. Once on the Canvas page, click Edit Assignment Settings on the top right of the screen.