How Do I Copy a Bongo Assignment to a New Class?

You can copy a Bongo assignment from one course to another course.

Create the Bongo Assignment in Canvas

  1. Enter a title for the Assignment.  It must be unique to all your other course assignment titles and cannot be changed once the assignment has been saved.
  2. Add Points

Select  External Tool for Submission Type

  1. Select External Tool for Submission Type.
  2. Click Find and select Bongo Learn from the external tool list.
  3. Check Load This Tool in a New Tab.

Complete and Save the Assignment Information

  1. Select Limited or Unlimited from the Allowed Attempts dropdown menu.  Although Canvas lets you set the number of allowed attempts, you will also need to set this in Bongo.
  2. Enter Due, Available from, and Until dates.
  3. Click Save. Remember to click Save & Publish once you have completed creating the Bongo assignment.

Make sure the dates you set in Bongo for the assignment are the same as in Canvas.

Load Individual Project 2020 in a New Window

Select Copy from My Class

Select your Class (course)

Select Create

Select YES for Deep Linking

Never Select "No." for deep linking. If you select "No", the student will see a general link that will require them to select their specific assignment from a list of assignments in Bongo. If you mistakenly select "No", Contact Educational Technology Services to fix it .

Complete General Settings

The remaining settings will be identical to the Bongo assignment that was copied; however,  they can be edited as you wish.