How Do I Customize Peer Review in Bongo?

This article explains how to customize peer review in Individual Project, Questions & Answer, Group Project, and Interactive Video assignments.

Scroll to the bottom of the assignment setup page and click Show Advanced

  1. Check Automatic (System Selected) to have the system automatically select the least reviewed submission for the student to review. This  ensures that reviews are equally distributed among all submissions.  This option requires students to review a submission completely before  advancing to their next peer.
  2. Select Manual to allow the student to choose the submissions they review from a dropdown menu.
  1. Select Allow peer review before submission to let students review peer submissions before they submit their own.
  2. Check Conceal reviewer identity to mask the reviewer's name from the submitter.  Reviewers will be identified as Anonymous Review 1, 2, etc. This option does not mask any personal information (i.e. reviewer's name) provided in text or video comments.
  3. Check Conceal submitter identity to mask the submitter's name from any peer reviewers. This option does not mask any personal information (i.e. reviewer's name) included in text or videos.
  1. For Number of Required Reviews, enter the number of reviews that each student is required to submit.
  2. Select Five star or Assignment rubric from the Review Type dropdown menu to allow students to score their peers' videos. Learners can give comments in addition to assigning scores. The rubric option will only be available if you are grading with a rubric. Students will use the same rubric as you.  Select None to allow students to only give comments for peer review (without 5  Star Ratings or Rubric Scores).
  3. Assign a Due Date/Time (optional) to require peer review to be completed by a deadline.
  4. To turn off peer review, click on the pink toggle button located on the top right  corner of the Peer Review settings box.