CanvasEcho360How do I add Echo360 to my course site?

How do I add Echo360 to my course site?

Click on Settings in your course site navigation menu

settings in nav menu

Click on the Navigation tab

navigation tab highlighted

Find "Echo360" in the list and click on the three dots

Cengage item in settings page

Select "Enable"

Alternatively, click on the Echo360 item and drag it up to the Navigation section.

Click "Save"

Click on "Home" to go to the home page of your course site

The navigation menu will refresh, and Echo360 will appear.

Click on "Echo360" in the navigation menu

The first time you go to the Echo360 tool in your course site, Echo creates a place to hold course recordings and gives you an instructor role in the system. 

If asked, select a term

The drop-down list will show current and future terms, some of which are school-specific. Most courses will use the default school year term: e.g. "2022-2023" for courses in the Fall 2022, Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 semesters.

Click "Create Echo360 Section"

You will see an Echo360 page for your course. When recordings are scheduled, they will appear here.