How Do I create a Group Project

In a Group Video Project, students record video projects as a group. They can do this synchronously or asynchronously.  

The Bongo groups must be set up in Bongo. Instructors may assign students to groups or allow them to self sign up.  Canvas groups can not be transferred into Bongo.

The assignment can be accessed by students through Canvas via the Assignments link or within a Module.  

Create the Bongo Assignment in Canvas

  1. Enter a title for the Assignment.  It must be unique to all your other course assignment titles and cannot be changed once the assignment has been saved.
  2. Add Points

Select  External Tool for Submission Type

  1. Choose Bongo Learn
  2. Click Select

Select Bongo from the External Tool List

  1. Choose Bongo Learn
  2. Click Select

Activate the Assignment on the Bongo Site

Notice you are now on the Bongo site.  If this is the first time you are creating a Bongo assignment in a particular course, you will be prompted with the following Class Creation options; otherwise, you will not see these options:

Click Create a new course

Click  Assignment

Choose Group Assignment

Set General settings

  1. The name will be carried over from Canvas. We suggest that you do not change this setting.
  2. Add a due date and time. This is independent from the canvas Due date. If you set a canvas due date we suggest you ensure that this date is the same.  Students can submit after the due date.
  3. Add a video or text-based instructions.
  4. Set Peer review. This is set to include peer review by default.

Click Manage Groups

Choose Creation Method

Choose Manual creation unless you would like to reuse a Bongo groupset that you previously created in Bongo.

Click Create Groups

You can start the group creation process in two ways:

  1. "Create groups" will create a number of empty groups specified by you.
  2. "Random distribution" will create a number of groups that you specify and then randomly assign students to those groups. You can then alter the group membership.

Choose the Number of Groups

Drag and Drop your Students to their Group

Note that the students must have logged into Bongo from your course before they will show up on this list.

Also notice that the canvas "Test Student"  will be in your list of students to assign to groups.

What to Send to Students:

Bongo has a number of built-in communication and collaboration tools.

Share this with your students to help them unitize all the features:

How to Check Your System Before Completing a Video Assignment:

How to create a Group Project: