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For students: How do I submit an Individual Project in Bongo?

If your professor has created an assignment for you with Bongo, you'll see it in either the Assignments or Modules section of the course in Canvas.

Click the title of the assignment to access it

Click the gray button containing the assignment title to load it in a new tab or window in your browser

In the new tab you'll see the Bongo video assignment

When you're ready, click the "+ADD" button to include your response

To include video with your assignment submission, click the "VIDEO" icon

In the "Add Video" window click the "RECORD VIDEO" or "UPLOAD VIDEO" button

If you are recording video, select "Camera" or "Screen" or both, before you click "RECORD VIDEO".

Before clicking "RECORD" check that the camera and mic inputs are correct. These are shown at the bottom of the record window.

When you're ready, click the red "RECORD" button

When you're done recording, click the red "STOP" button at the bottom of the Record Video window

When you stop the recording, three icons appear at the bottom. Be sure to click the right one which looks like a disc, this is the "Save" button

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to click the "Save" icon (looks like a "disc") at the bottom of the Record Video window. If you close the window without clicking this icon, your video will not be saved.

Once you have saved your video, Bongo will show that it is being processed

Processing of the video can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how long the recording is. While waiting for it to process, you can close the Bongo tab in the browser if need be, and return to it by clicking on the Assignment or Module item in Canvas.

When the video is ready in Bongo, a pink-outlined star will appear next to it, and the time at which it was recorded will be shown

Click the "eye" icon to the right of the video title to preview it

Click the "three dots" icon to download or delete the video, or edit its title

When you're ready to submit the video, click the star icon, which will turn a solid pink

NOTE: If other content is required for the assignment, you can click the "+ADD" button again, to include additional video, files, etc.

If, however, your instructor has only requested one video, you will be able to upload or record several videos, but you will have to choose only one to submit.

See: How to complete an Individual Project

When all content is included, (is shown with a solid pink star next to it), and you are ready to submit your work, click the blue "SUBMIT" button

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to submit your content. Click "YES" if you wish to submit.

If peer review is part of your assignment, you will see a prompt to review peer(s) content in the Bongo window.

See: Peer Review and Self-Assessment