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How do I reset a student submission in Bongo?

If you need to remove a student's Bongo submission you can 'reset the student's attempt.'

Once a student has submitted to a Bongo assignment some assignment details cannot be changed.

If you need to change the Bongo assignment details any student submissions will need to be reset.  

Students can typically only submit to a Bongo assignment once. To allow them to resubmit an assignment you will have to reset it.

Also note: If you preview the Bongo assignment with the Canvas test student you will need to 'reset' the Canvas test student before editing the Bongo assignment details.  

In Canvas open "Assignments" and select the Assignment

Click the assignment button to enter the Bongo assignment, then click on the student's name you would like to reset

Click the "Reset Submission" icon (small circular arrow)

This will reset the the students submissions. This will remove the students submissions from the teacher overview page.  Interactive video assignment grades will be removed and the students can resubmit.

For Individual and Group Projects the project will be sent back to the Ready to Submit stage. The learners video, documents, and links will not be lost. The learner can submit these elements or different elements when ready.