How do I make an Echo360 recording?

Launch the Echo360 Capture application

Open the Echo360 Capture application by looking for an icon on your desktop or in your Applications folder.

Echo360 capture icon for windows
Echo360 capture icon for mac

Alternatively, launch the application from Canvas by clicking Echo360 in your course site navigation menu and clicking the blue Capture button. Select "New Capture."

Echo360 launched in Canvas with Create button highighted

The first time you open the application, you will be asked to log in.

Login screen of capture application

Click "Click here to login"

A window will open in your default web browser and you will see the Echo360 login page.

Enter your Tufts email address

You will be directed to a blue login screen.

Enter your Tufts username and password

Tufts single sign on screen
Launch Application window

Check the audio and video inputs

Using the dropdown menus, select the inputs you would like to record. You can choose to capture up to two display and video inputs (e.g. a computer screen and a webcam). You can also make an audio-only capture.

Check the sources for the audio and video inputs.

If you are using an external microphone, select it by clicking on the microphone menu.

Click on the pencil icon

Fill in the capture title and other capture details

In addition to a title, you can choose a class to publish the capture to when it is complete. If you would like to review your capture before publishing it, or you don't see the appropriate class in the Publish To... menu, select Library.

Click Save when you are done.

Press the red Record button

After a five-second countdown, the application will minimize and recording will begin.

To take a break, select the Echo icon from the menu bar, taskbar, or system tray and select Pause Capture. Alternatively, type Cmd + 6 (Mac) or Ctrl +6 (Windows) to pause. To begin recording again, select Resume Capture or type Cmd/Ctrl + 6 again.

After you've finished your presentation, stop the recording by typing Cmd + 8 (Mac) or Ctrl + 8 (Windows)

You can also stop the recording by selecting the Echo icon from the menu bar, taskbar, or system tray and clicking Finish Capture. Your capture will be uploaded to the Echo360 website automatically.