Educational Technology User GuidesEcho360 StudentsHow do I view a class that is being live streamed?

How do I view a class that is being live streamed?

Go to your course site in Canvas and click on "Echo360" in the navigation menu

Look for your streaming class in the course list

Class list with a Live badge next to a class

The live class appears with a LIVE badge next to the class name. If the class is happening now, the LIVE badge is green.

Click on the class row to enter the classroom

Click "Show Live Stream" to see the stream

Live streams will not auto-play.

To use the Q&A tool, click on the Discussions icon at the top of the screen

Player with Q&A button highlighted

To post a question, click the "New Question" button

Player with New Question button highlighted

To respond to a posted question, click on the question in the discussion panel

The question expands to show any existing responses, and a "Respond to this Question" button appears at the bottom of the screen.

Image of a discussion with a reply

After a stream ends, a recording of it is processed and will appear on the Echo course page. Recordings have to be processed, so they are not immediately available. Expect one hour of processing time for every hour of recording time.