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How do I create a link to a video in my Echo360 library?

Most of the time, a recorded lecture will be made available when it is published to an Echo360 course. However, occasionally Echo is used to record events that are not associated to a course. These videos can be made available via a public link.

Public links can be set to be truly public (open to anyone) or restricted to users with Tufts credentials.  

Go to and enter your email address

You will be sent to the Single Sign-On screen, where you can log in with your Tufts credentials.

Click on the Library tab

Find your video in the list

Use the Search box to search for the recording by title.

Click on the title of the recording

A preview of the recording opens.

Below the video, click on the Publishing tab and select Links from the left sidebar

Media details page with add to a class button highlighted

Links default to Public access, which means any person with the link can view the video.

To restrict the video to users with Tufts accounts, turn Public access off. If a user clicks a link with Public access turned off, they will be asked to log in with their Tufts credentials.

If the link is no longer needed, it can be deactivated. It is recommended that you deselect “Active,” rather than deleting the link altogether. This allows for the link to be reactivated later if need be.