How do I schedule a recording?

Log in to Echo360 and set your role as "Administrator."

Click the Captures tab to open the Captures page

Click the NEW CAPTURE button in the upper right

Enter the capture details

Enter the title, capture settings, and start time and date

Title: Add a title that reflects the course name and/or the lecture content.

Capture Settings: Select a Campus, Building, and Room where the capture will occur.

When: Select start date, start time, and end time.  

Select whether the capture repeats

Your options are:

  • None (one-time event)
  • Weekly (creates a recurring event on one or more days a week).

For a one-time event, enter the date for the capture. Today's date appears by default. Clicking the date field opens a calendar view for selecting a date, or you can type the date into the field (yyyy-mm-dd).

For recurring events you must:

  • Identify both a Start date and End date for the capture (the first and last dates the capture will occur).
  • Identify the weekly frequency of the capture; enter 1 for every week, enter 2 for every other week, etc.

Use the sliders to identify on which days each week the capture is to occur.

If the capture will be auto-published, select the course, term and section

Auto-published captures are automatically added to courses after processing and they are immediately released to students. This eliminates the extra work of publishing completed captures to classes; however, you will not be able to review or edit these lectures before students can see them. (You can, however, go into a course and edit or hide a published capture later.)

If you wish to edit or review lectures before making them available, you have two options:

  1. Do not select a course; leave the Publishing and Availability section blank. You will have to manually publish the capture to the course once it has processed.
  2. Alternatively, fill in the course, term and section, and select "After __ days" under "Make available." Fill in some number of days. The capture will be automatically published to the section, but it will be hidden from students until that number of days has passed. This gives you an opportunity to review and/or edit the capture during that window, and it will be automatically be made available to students without having to be republished.

When finished, click SAVE