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How to Require Student Logins When Creating Activities

We strongly recommend that you enable the "Restrict to registered participants only " setting on all of your Poll Everywhere activities. Doing so will:

  • Ensure that you are getting accurate student participation data.
  • Discourage inappropriate behavior.
  • Help Tufts manage the per-student costs of our Poll Everywhere license.

Here is how to ensure that this setting is enabled when creating new activities.

Make sure that "Restrict to Registered Participants" is the default for your account

Poll Everywhere allows you to set defaults for your account so that all new activities will reflect your preferred settings.

Log in to Poll Everywhere and click the Profile button in the lower right

Click "Activity Settings" from the pop out menu

Scroll down to find the "Who can participate?" setting

Make sure "Restrict to registered participants only" is selected. If it was not selected, make the change and scroll down more to click "Save". 

This setting ensures that all new activities you create will have this setting enabled (with the exception of questions created with the PowerPoint add-in; see below). If you want to make sure the setting is enabled for all existing activities, see this article: How to Require Student to Log-in on your existing Polls

Enabling the "Restrict to Registered Participants" for questions on

Log in to and click on an activity title

Click on "Audience restriction & identity" on the Configure tab on the right

Make sure that "Restrict to registered participants only" is selected under "Who can participate?"

Enabling "Restrict to Registered Participants" in the PowerPoint add-on

If you use the PowerPoint add-in on your PC or Mac computer to author activities, it is important to know that currently the PowerPoint add-in does not reflect the activity setting defaults that are set on Poll 

This means that the "Restrict to Registered Participants" setting will not be enabled even if that default is configured on your account. Because of this, you will need to change this setting on each question you author in the PowerPoint add-in.

Create a new activity in the PowerPoint add-in and select the question type

When editing the question, scroll down to the "Response Settings" section on the right side to find the "Audience restrictions & identity" section

Turn the "Restrict participants" setting to "ON"

Click "Save" when done