Student Getting Started Guide

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is a web-based classroom response system which allows your instructors to deliver questions to your devices (computer, smartphone, or tablet) and see student responses in real-time.

Joining your instructor's polling session

You must log in to Poll Everywhere before you can participate in your instructor's polling session. You can join via a web browser on your computer or the Poll Everywhere app on your mobile device.

This URL will be the same every time you participate in your instructor's Poll Everywhere sessions. If you are using the Poll Everywhere mobile app enter the URL in the field provided.

You will need to log in to participate in the polling session, see How to log into Poll Everywhere for more information on that.

Responding to questions

As the instructor activates each question the question prompt and response options will be delivered to your device.  The question may also appear on the projector screen in the classroom.  

NOTE: If the text message option is available we recommend that you do not use it and instead respond via browser or the app.

Submit your answer or response

Depending on the question you may be asked to select a multiple choice option, order a list, select a region on an image, or submit an open-ended response.

Reviewing your past responses

Go to and click "Log in"

Note: If you were not logged in when responding to the poll your responses will not show up in your response history. 

Click on "History"

Your past responses will be listed in chronological order. The icon to the left indicates the type of question (multiple choice, open-ended, ranking order, clickable image, or question & answer). The title of the question is displayed as well your response.

Click on questions to see the time/date of your response and the instructor that posted the question. For some questions, it will show whether your response was correct and if not, which answer was the correct one.

If you want to filter your response history for a specific instructor, click on the "View all your responses to..." link.