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Poll Everywhere New Presenter Interface (Updated for 2023)

Poll Everywhere just released a major update to the layout of their activity slides. Here's a quick overview of the new controls. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Relocated URL and added QR code

A QR code has been added to the activity to make it easier for students to access the activity URL with their smartphone cameras. Both the URL and the QR code will launch your activities on the students' devices.

Open Response Question Display change

The layout of Open Response questions has changed. Just as before the participant's answers are displayed just as they were input (unlike a word cloud) and each response appears one at a time. As each new response appears, the others will animate downward to make room for it. It is possible to increase the speed in the visual settings. 

Enhanced Timer Feature

The timer feature has been updated. You can enable the timer in the "Configure" tab on the Poll Everywhere website before you present. When the question is activated the timer will automatically start, and when it finishes the question will automatically lock.  Presenters can control the timer with controls that will appear along the bottom of the slide.