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Collaborating with Colleagues or Teaching Assistants

Do I need to use "Teams"?

"Teams" is a new Poll Everywhere feature that allows users to share and present questions created by other users. This feature replaces "Account Polls", which was how presenters could previously share their questions.

Teams is useful when:

  • your TA creates questions for you to present, or;
  • you co-teach a course with one or more other faculty and need to add questions from multiple users in the same lecture presentation.
Setting up "Teams"

To request a user group, email [email protected] with your requested team name and provide the names and email addresses of everyone who needs to be included in the group. You can see your teams and the other members on your teams by clicking on the "Teams" tab on

NOTE: unlike "Account Polls", you can be a member of multiple teams, so you can request a team for more than one course with different groups of users.

Sharing questions with a Team

Select the Folder you want to share and click the three Dots, and click Share

Select the Teams that you want to share these questions with

You can share the group of questions with more than one team. You can also create additional groups to share with different teams.

Click "Save" when you have selected the teams you want to share with.

DO NOT select "Everyone at Tufts University". That will make the questions available to every Poll Everywhere user at the university.

Presenting questions shared with you

Click on "Shared with me" to view questions that are shared with you

To access shared polls, click on "Shared with me" on the left-hand side of your Polls page. Here are the capacities and limitations on using shared questions:

You can:

  • Present shared questions from your personal Poll Everywhere URL
  • Add shared questions to your presentations
  • Copy questions to your account
  • Run reports on shared questions

You cannot:

  • Edit shared questions (unless you copy them to your account)

Adding shared questions to your lecture presentations

Select shared questions in the Presenter app

Shared questions will appear at the bottom of the list of folders in the Presenter app. They can be selected and inserted into your lecture presentations like the other questions in your account.

Presenting questions added by other Team members

A shared question will work for all Team members regardless of who embedded the question into the lecture presentation.

For example, if your TA embedded shared questions into a presentation and sent the file to you, you can still log in as yourself and present the questions through your Poll Everywhere URL even though it was your TA that embedded the questions into the presentation.

Reporting on shared questions

It is possible to run reports on the results you generate through shared questions. Note that you are unable to report on the results generated by other members of your team. You can only report on responses generated when you were presenting shared activities through your account.

Go to the "Reports" tab and click "Create Report"

Choose Gradebook

Select your report type and click "Shared with me"

You can select the shared questions in that folder for reporting. Go to the "My Activities" folder if you need to include unshared questions in your report. Click "Finish" when you have selected all of the questions you want to report on.