Instructor's Getting Started Guide

Logging in to Poll Everywhere

Important Note: If you have any level of administrative privileges in Canvas please reach out to Educational Technology Services ( prior to requesting Poll Everywhere access.

Go to and click "Log In"

Log in with your Tufts username and password

Enter your Tufts username and password, the same that you would use to log in to Canvas.

Start creating your questions!

You should now see the "Polls" view of Poll Everywhere. If you have any problems logging in to Poll Everywhere please contact

Creating questions ("Polls")

In Poll Everywhere, a question is called a "poll". Here is a quick video that shows you how to create polls.

Click the "Creating an activity" link for a step-by-step walkthrough of creating polls. Click the "Types of poll activities" link to read more information about each poll style.

Disable "Text Messages"

Unless you have students that are unable to participate via mobile app or browser, we recommend disabling text message responses because it will give students fewer options to participate. For example, they will be unable to answer image map questions. 

Restrict responses to "Registered participants only"

If you want to see which students participated for grading purposes you need to require students to register and log in first. If you want to ask questions anonymously, you can enable anonymous responses for questions even though students need to log in first (anonymous questions will not associate student info with their answers).

Asking questions during lectures

Asking questions from the Poll Everywhere website

Click the "Presenting from the web" link below to see step by step instructions for asking questions from the Poll Everywhere website or watch the video below.

Presenting from the web

Asking questions from Poll Everywhere slides integrated into PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

You can display a poll directly from PowerPoint by embedding your poll as a slide, to seamlessly present with your other PowerPoint slides.

To embed your polls in PowerPoint, you must install the PollEv Presenter app. In addition, the computer displaying the presentation must be connected to the internet in order for the polls to be displayed.

Follow the links below for instructions specific to your operating system and presentation software:

Reporting on in-class participation

Poll Everywhere has several styles of reports that can analyze responses to your questions. The "Gradebook" report is the quickest way to see how your students responded to the questions asked in a lecture.

Sharing questions with other instructors

On your "My Polls" page, select the questions you want to share

Click "Move/Copy"

Enter the email address of the instructor you want to share with

Click "Apply"