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Poll Everywhere Website Interface Walkthrough

Poll Everywhere recently released a major update to the instructor interface. Here is a quick overview of the changes and how they may have impacted your usual workflow in Poll Everywhere.


This short video provides an overview of the new interface which is covered in more detail below.

The tabs that used to run across the top of the Poll Everywhere page (Activities, Participants, and Reports) are now contained in the icons on the left side of the page. Click on the icons to see more options.

Activities, Participants, Reports, and Teams appear at the top of the left navigation; Help, Presenter tips, and Profile/Settings appears on the bottom.

Creating Activities

Click the blue "+ Activity" button at the top of the screen to create a new activity. The workflow for creating activities is unchanged. 

Organizing Activities

Folders and Activities list

Your existing groups are now folders, which can contain other folders within them. Sort the items in the list by clicking on column headers. Select activities or folders for additional options, which will appear across the top of the Activities list. More than one activity can be selected for bulk editing.

Activities | Poll Everywhere

Reordering Activities for presenting

Click on Order to rearrange Activities for your presentation. When the column is in ascending order (according to the numbers next to the activities), drag and drop the  Activities to reorder them or move them into folders.


NOTE: Drag & drop reordering currently does not work in Firefox, but does work in Chrome.

PowerPoint Integration

The interface of the Poll Everywhere Presenter plugin/application that you use to insert activities into your PowerPoint presentations has also been updated.

Similar to the website, the desktop application has a left-hand navigation and folder structure.

Inserting Activities

To insert activities into PowerPoint, select them and then click "Insert Slides"