Organizing Your Questions/Polls

Grouping your questions for use in lectures

The questions/polls you create are "Ungrouped" by default. You can organize your questions by grouping them together; we recommend grouping questions by lecture for ease of presentation. You can order your questions in the group in the same order you plan to present them.

Go to the "Polls" tab and select the questions you want to group together

Click the "Group" button at the top of the page

The questions will be moved to a group called "New Group".

Name the group in the field provided

We recommend naming your groups according to the course title/code, topic, and/or date/sequence of the lecture.

Drag and drop your questions to re-order them

Click anywhere on the question and drag the question to the desired location. You'll see the cursor switch to a "hand" icon to show that you've "grabbed" the question. You can use this process to reorder questions within a group or move questions to other groups.