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How do I copy recordings of Zoom meetings to my Echo360 library?

Instructors can use Echo360 to store and distribute recordings of Zoom meetings. (What is Echo360?) Instructors have unlimited space for media on Echo360, and recordings are stored for four years.

Activate Echo360 in your Canvas course site.

Click on "Echo360" in the navigation menu.

Click on the settings icon in the upper right and select "Account Settings."

Select "Zoom Settings" from the sidebar menu.

Check the box next to "Automatically copy Zoom recording to Echo360."

All future Zoom meetings you record to the cloud will be copied to your Echo360 library. To make a Zoom recording available to students, publish it from your Echo360 library to your course: How do I share Zoom recordings from my Echo360 library?

Optional: Map future Zoom recordings to your Echo360 courses

If you have scheduled Zoom meetings and you plan to record them, you can map those meetings directly to an Echo360 course. If a Zoom meeting is mapped to a course, the recording of that meeting will automatically publish to the Echo360 course and be available to students via Canvas.

On the Zoom Settings page in Echo360, review the list of scheduled Zoom meetings.

If there are no meetings shown or you have new ones you do not see, click Reload My Zoom Meetings List.

Use the drop-down list to the right of each meeting to choose a course to publish the recording to.

If you do not want to autopublish a recording to a course, leave "Library Only" selected. These recordings will be copied to your Echo360 library, where you may publish them to courses later (or delete them if they are not needed).

Any changes to your Zoom settings in Echo360 are not retroactive. Once you turn on the setting to "Automatically copy Zoom recordings to Echo360," all future Zoom recordings will be copied to Echo360. Previously made Zoom recordings will not. Additionally, you may change the mapping of Zoom meetings to Echo360 courses at any point, but no changes are retroactively applied to meetings that have already occurred.