What does 'Respondent Threshold not met' mean?

Some Tufts' schools require a student response threshold. For those schools, if the minimum number of responses has not been met, the report will not be generated and the respondent threshold status will indicate 'not met'. This rule was put in place to protect student confidentiality.

In BioMedical Sciences, if fewer than 3 students complete a course evaluation, or in AS&E if fewer than 4 students complete to a course evaluation, the report will not be generated for that course.

To help avoid this, instructors are invited to monitor their response rates and encourage student participation. Having this response rate information ahead of time gives you the opportunity to reach out to your students to nudge them to submit their evaluation forms, so that you will receive enough responses to be able to view their feedback when the reports are generated.

Small classes are at higher risk of missing the threshold based on sheer numbers. Students are invited and reminded (repeatedly) by the Blue system, but they tend to respond better to a nudge from their instructor.