Why can't I submit my course evaluation form in Blue?

Complete the form

If you are nearing the deadline, or plan to take time composing your comments, click "Save" to save your responses while you are completing the evaluation. The progress bar shows how much of the evaluation you have completed so far.

Once you have responded to all of the required questions on your course evaluation form, you may submit your form. Any question on the form that is marked with a red star is required.

If clicking the 'submit' button does not submit the form, you likely have not completed all of the required questions. A message of 'Some questions were not properly completed' will display to indicate this.

Review the form

Review the form carefully to find the question(s) that have not yet been answered. Once you have responded to all of the required questions, the system will allow you to submit the form.

If you have reviewed the form and cannot find any incomplete questions, click 'save' to save the form. After the form is saved, but before the evaluation deadline, please forward your email notification to [email protected] and ask them to review the form and help you submit.