How do I access my course evaluation forms in Blue?

You will receive an email at your school email address inviting you to complete the evaluation. You can click the link in the email to access your forms. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.

You can also access Blue via the 'Course Evaluations' link in the left side navigation of the Canvas course. Alternatively, you can access your forms via your Blue dashboard at

Students must log into Blue using their Tufts credentials in order to access their forms. Students cannot access evaluation forms outside of the Blue system.

Note that different programs manage their course evaluations independently. For example, ExCollege course evaluation notifications are delivered in a separate email from the AS&E notifications.

The Blue course evaluation system is fed by SIS. If you receive an invitation to a course that you are not taking, please contact the registrar to have your data corrected in that system. Once the update is made in SIS, the data will flow overnight to Blue, and you will automatically be removed from the course evaluation.

Click the link to access your course evaluation

Log in to Blue with your Tufts University username and password to view your dashboard.

If you do not receive an email, you can access Blue directly at

Information about which students can evaluate a course is here.

Select a user group

During login you may be asked to select a user group. Please choose the user group that is indicated in your email notification.

Answer the evaluation questions

You must respond to all required questions (marked with a red asterisk) in order to submit the form.

If a ratings question is not relevant to your experience, you may select the 'No Answer' option.

If a comment box does not appear large enough to fit your long and detailed response, you may keep typing to trigger the box to expand itself, or drag the corner to expand the box.

Click "Save" to save your responses while you are completing the evaluation

The progress bar shows how much of the evaluation you have completed so far

When you have finished the evaluation, click "Submit"

After submitting, you can view the list of all of your evaluations

From here you can select and complete any remaining course evaluations