How do I get access to Echo360 Personal Capture?

Setting up Echo360 Personal Capture is a two-step process:

  1. Activate the Echo360 tool in your Canvas course site. This will create a place to hold your recordings in Canvas where  you and your students can access them.
  2. Download and install the Personal Capture software. The software will allow you to record your screen, webcam, and microphone and publish the recording to your Canvas course site.

If you do not use Canvas, or you are not creating recordings to be shared with a class, please see the next article: If I don't use Canvas, can I still use Echo360 Personal Capture?

Activate the Echo360 tool in your Canvas course site

If you want to share your recordings with multiple courses, repeat these steps for each of your Canvas course sites.

Click on Settings in your course site navigation menu

settings in nav menu

Click on the Navigation tab

navigation tab highlighted

Find "Echo360" in the list and click on the three dots

Echo360 item in settings page

Select "Enable"

Alternatively, click on the Echo360 item and drag it up to the Navigation section.

Click "Save"

Click on "echo360" in the navigation menu

This will create a section in Echo360 for your recordings. It will also give you an Instructor role in Echo360, which will allow you to download the Personal Capture software.

Download the Personal Capture software

You will only have to download and install the software once, even if you plan to make recordings for multiple courses.

Click on "echo360" in the navigation menu

Click on the cog icon in the upper right and select "Downloads"

Under "Universal Capture: Personal" select the correct installer (Mac or Windows)