Educational Technology User GuidesBlue Course Evaluations Information for InstructorsHow do I view response rates during the evaluation period in Blue?

How do I view response rates during the evaluation period in Blue?

Instructors and designated staff can check evaluation response rates during the evaluation period. Instructors can use this information to nudge the class to continue to complete their forms.

Shortly after the evaluation period is over, and after faculty have submitted grades, the reports will be generated with the student responses. At that time, invitations will go out to view course evaluation reports.

Response rate invitations will be sent via email with a link to access the data. You may also navigate to to reach your Blue dashboard. In addition, you can access Blue via the 'Course Evaluations' link in the left  side navigation of any Canvas course.

Follow the link in the email to view response rates. Login with your Tufts username and password to view response rate data. If the course evaluation period is active and you have not been invited to monitor your response rates, please reach out to your admin or registrar to have your data updated in SIS.

Some schools have implemented a response threshold where reports are only generated if a certain number of student responses are received. To help avoid falling short of their response threshold, instructors  are invited to monitor their response rates and encourage student  participation. Having this response rate information ahead of time gives you the opportunity to reach out to your students to nudge them to  submit their evaluation forms, so that you will receive enough responses to be able to view their feedback when the reports are generated.