What spaces can I use Zoom in?

Zoom works well when you use it in your office or other small, quiet space, allowing you to use your device’s camera and microphone to connect to the app.

Zoom is less well-suited for large, people-filled spaces without additional audio-visual equipment.

If your computer has a webcam, you can turn your computer’s screen towards the room so that the remote students can see, but that makes it more difficult for you to share your screen to teach or present.

Also, when you use Zoom in a large-space full of people, remote students will have trouble seeing and hearing everyone in the room (especially on the far side of the room).

And, if your screen is not being shown to the class on a projection screen, then the students in the class can also have a hard time seeing and hearing the remote students.

Although a typical Zoom setup is not really designed for large spaces like classrooms and conference rooms, Tufts Technology Services can provide additional hardware to support videoconferencing between a classroom and remote participants.

Contact TTS with a Video Conferencing Service Request well in advance of your event.