Educational Technology User GuidesZoomZoom Security for Online TeachingHow can I safely share links to my Zoom class meetings?

How can I safely share links to my Zoom class meetings?

To keep your Zoom class meeting secure follow these recommended safety practices —

Schedule your Zoom class meetings in Canvas

If you already have a Canvas site for your course, use Zoom from inside Canvas to schedule your class Zoom meetings.  This is more secure and convenient for you and your students, because there's no need to email out or post the meeting link. The Zoom class meeting link is always available (to class participants only), in the Canvas course site.

Also, meetings you create in Canvas-Zoom will automatically show up in your and your students' Canvas calendar.

Learn more about creating Zoom meetings from inside Canvas.

To request a Canvas site for your course, visit this page and complete a Canvas Site Request Form.

Use a unique meeting ID for each class session

When setting up the Zoom class meetings in Canvas, consider creating a unique meeting ID for each session.

To do this, leave the "Recurring meeting" and "User Personal Meeting ID" settings unchecked.

Do not enable the "Join before host" option

If you wish, you can prevent your students from joining the Zoom class meeting room until you arrive.  To do this do not check the "Enable join before host" feature when you are setting up meeting.

Allow only authenticated Tufts users into your Zoom class meeting

If all of your students and other class participants are from Tufts, you can enable this feature as an added layer of security.

If, however, you have students, observers, guest instructors or other invitees who are not from Tufts, do not use this feature, as it will prevent them from joining the Zoom class meeting.

If you and your students are hosting an online seminar or other public-facing event, send out or post information in advance without the meeting link. Collect the contact information of participants with a registration process, and then send out the link shortly before the meeting.

Learn more about securely scheduling and sharing a public-facing Zoom meeting: