Educational Technology User GuidesZoomUsing Breakout RoomsCreating a Pre-assigned breakout rooms (Tufts and Non-Tufts participants)

Creating a Pre-assigned breakout rooms (Tufts and Non-Tufts participants)

When using the Pre-assigned break out room feature, there is no way to ensure that all of your participants log in with the correct account so that they are placed in the right break out room. For this reason, you may want to consider using the in meeting break out room feature or having each small group facilitator create an individual meeting link.

We recommend creating the meeting on

If you create the link on Canvas, the students will automatically be shown a link to the room in Canvas. This link will not enforce that they are logged into their Tufts Zoom account. Read more in "what to send to students" at the bottom.

If you create the meeting in Canvas, go to and log in to edit your meeting settings in order to add the breakout rooms. At this time, pre-assignment works on all occurrences of a recurring meeting, but not on a single occurrence.

Enable Breakout Room Pre-Assign

Click Import CSV

Upload Your CSV File

The Zoom username format is very specific and you will NEED to follow these instructions How to Create the Breakout Room .CSV in order to create a list of students that zoom will recognize.

If you enter an Zoom username that is incorrect, you will not get any feedback from Zoom. 

Recommended meeting settings

Note the meeting ID

What to send to students

Adapt the following message to send to your students.

For our upcoming session on DATE AND TIME, we will be using the breakout room feature for our small group activities.

Please follow these instructions to log into this session:

You will need the following meeting ID to follow the instructions above:


If your students typically find your meeting invites in their Canvas calendar you may want to create a calendar invite with the above info.

You can also use the Canvas inbox or Canvas announcements to send this information to your students.