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How do I review Zoom's additional settings?

Visit, to see and make changes to Zoom’s additional settings.

Some settings you may want to consider enabling or disabling are:

  • Private chat
    When enabled, this feature allows students to send private, one-to-one messages to other students without the faculty member/host seeing the messages. Some professors choose to disable this.
    See: In-Meeting Chat
  • End-of-meeting experience feedback survey
    Zoom can ask your students to complete an on-screen thumbs up/thumbs down survey at the end of every class. If students give a thumbs down, they can provide additional feedback.
    See: End-of-Meeting Feedback Survey
  • Always show meeting control toolbar
    When this feature is enabled, the Zoom control toolbar will always be visible at the bottom of the Zoom window. When this is disabled the control toolbar automatically hides when you are not using it and reappears when you move your mouse in the Zoom window.
    See: In-Meeting Controls
  • Nonverbal feedback
    When nonverbal feedback is enabled, meeting participants can click the "Participants" button on the lower toolbar to see and use a collection of nonverbal feedback buttons. These include "Raise Hand", "Lower Hand", "Yes", "No", "Go Slower" and others. The meeting host can click "Clear all" to remove all current nonverbal feedback.
    See: Providing Nonverbal Feedback During Meetings