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How can I set a "virtual background" in my Zoom video?

Follow these steps if you prefer not to show the room you're in, or if you want to add an alternate background to your Zoom video feed. 

Not all computers are able to use virtual backgrounds. To learn more, see Zoom Virtual Background System requirements.

In a Zoom meeting, click the "^" icon next to the right of the Video icon, and select "Choose a virtual background"

Select one of the stock backgrounds, or click "+" to upload an image

Choose a background image that's not too busy or distracting, and that doesn't have a lot of fine detail.

If you have chosen a virtual background but then wish to return to your live background, repeat the steps above, but choose the 'None' option.

We have added a number of Tufts-themed backgrounds. If you do not see the Tufts backgrounds,  log into your Tufts Zoom account.

If you have a green surface behind you, enable "green screen"

If you have a green wall, sheet, towel, or other green surface behind you, you can check the "I have a green screen" option, which will superimpose you more accurately on the background.

Some video-conferencers invest in a portable webcam "backdrop" or "chroma key" green screen to place behind their chair.