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How do I trim the start or end of my Zoom cloud recording?

If you recorded your Zoom meeting to the "cloud" (which is the recommended way to make the recording), Zoom provides an editing tool you can use to trim away the start and end of the video.

Follow the instructions below to make the edits —

Sign into the Tufts Zoom website

To access the editing tool you must first sign into using your Tufts credentials with single sign-on (SSO)

See: How do I sign into my Tufts Zoom account on the web?

Once signed in, you can access your Zoom cloud recordings either in Canvas-Zoom, or on the Tufts Zoom website

In the Canvas course site navigate to the Zoom tool and click on the "Cloud Recordings" tab to see a list of your recordings

NOTE: You will not see the video editing tool in Canvas-Zoom unless you first sign into the Tufts Zoom website as described above.

Or, in the Tufts Zoom website click "Recordings", then click "Cloud Recordings"

Click on the title of the video you want to edit

You will see thumbnails for the video recording, audio-only, and transcript. Click on the "Play" button in the "Recording" thumbnail

This will show the video in a player

Click the scissors icon in the lower right corner of the tool bar

This scissors tool is known as the "Set playback range" tool

Click and drag the "Start" and "End" sliders to the positions where you want the video to start and stop

Click "Save"

Click the video play button to test your video start and end points

Now, when you share the video using the shareable link under the Zoom cloud recordings, it will start and end at the new times you selected and saved.

NOTE: Trimming the playback range as described above does not trim your actual recording, it only adjusts the way the playback is viewed.

If the recording is downloaded, it will still be the original length, regardless of the  playback range you set when you trimmed it.

If you wish to limit download abilities, please see: How do I share a Zoom cloud video recording with students?