How do I find my Zoom Personal Room Link?

The Zoom Personal Room is a Zoom meeting room that is specific to your account. The link to this room always stays the same (and can be customized by you), which makes it convenient to share with meeting participants.

Instructors can retrieve the link to their Personal Zoom Room in two places:

  1. From the Canvas-Zoom integration dashboard
  2. From the Tufts Zoom website, where the link can also be customized

Instructions for both are shown below —

Option 1: Retrieve your Zoom Personal Room "Join URL" from the Zoom-Canvas dashboard

Log into Canvas and click 'Zoom' from within a Canvas course

Click the Zoom link from within your Canvas course

This brings you to the Canvas-Zoom Dashboard

Click on the 'Personal Meeting Room' tab

Click on the 'Personal Meeting Room' tab

This displays the Personal Meeting Room details

This displays the Personal Meeting Room details
  1. The ID for your Personal Meeting Room will be displayed
  2. The Join URL for your Personal Meeting Room will be displayed. This is the URL (aka link) you will use to invite students to sessions held in that room. Cut and paste the link to save for future announcements/invites.

NOTE: if you schedule a meeting and choose to automatically generate a unique link for it, you will need to share that unique link instead of your Personal Zoom Room Join URL. See: How can I invite my students to a Zoom meeting?

Navigate to and click 'Sign In' to configure your account

Navigate to and click 'Sign In' to configure your account
Navigate to 'Profile'

The Personal Meeting ID is a 10 digit number used to identify your Personal Zoom Room.  The Personal Link is a URL used to both identify and take participants to your Personal Zoom Room in a web browser.

Note the difference between Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link.

1. Using and editing the Personal Meeting ID

The Personal Meeting ID is a numeric code that identifies your Personal Zoom Room. You can click 'edit' to input a different numeric code if you wish (the system will tell you if the code you enter is available).

Your Join URL is displayed underneath your Personal Meeting ID. This is the URL associated with your Personal Zoom Room that you can use to invite students.

When you edit your Personal Meeting ID, the 'Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings' box will be displayed. Be sure to check this box and click 'Save Changes' so that your own Personal Meeting ID will be used for for instant meetings as well as scheduled meetings.

The Personal Link is a customizable link (aka URL) that acts as an alias for your Personal Zoom Room Join URL. Click 'customize' to edit this alias (Tufts username is a popular choice). Once customized, you can use either your Personal Link or your Join URL to invite students — they will take participants to the same place. Cut and paste the Personal Link, or the Join URL to save for future student announcements/invites.

NOTE: The Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link are only editable on the Tufts Zoom website, not on the Canvas-Zoom dashboard.