How can I manage Office Hours in Canvas and Zoom?

The process involves using the Canvas Scheduler to allow your students across various courses the ability to sign up for individual sessions in a pre-determined block of time in your personal Zoom room.

Instructor: Plan the Zoom meetings

While Canvas Zoom is best for meetings with the entire class, we suggest that you use your Personal Zoom Meeting Room to hold online meetings with individual students. Directions on accessing and using your personal meeting room are here:

Instructor: Set up the Canvas scheduling

You can use Canvas to set up the scheduling piece so that students across your various courses can sign up for individual time slots within a planned block of time. When configuring the appointment group, set the link to your Personal Zoom Meeting Room as the location. Be sure to click 'Go' to divide the blocks of time into individual appointments. Directions on setting up appointment groups are here:

Student: Reserve an appointment

The students would see the available office hours on their course calendar. Directions on signing up are here:

Instructor: View student office hours appointments

As students reserve their slots, you will be notified. Directions on how to see student reservations are here:

Instructor: Host office hours

When it is time to meet a student for office hours, start the meeting in your Personal Zoom Room. Be sure to check  'enable waiting room' in the Security settings of your Zoom toolbar, and admit the first student for their appointment. The next student may attempt to join the meeting before you are finished with the prior student, but they will be sent to the waiting room until you admit them.

Student: Attend office hours

When it is time to meet a professor for office hours, join the meeting using the link in the Canvas Calendar. If the waiting room is enabled, you will have to wait to be admitted by the professor into the meeting room.