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Why am I getting emails that say “Your Meeting Attendees are Waiting”?

For Zoom class meetings that you host, it is possible, depending on the meeting settings, for one of your participants to join the meeting room either before you get there, or at some other time when no meeting is actually scheduled.

In other words, the Zoom meeting room can function as a virtual space that is always available to be joined (whether intentionally or by accident), even when you are not there.

When this happens Zoom sends you an email alerting you that someone has joined your meeting room.

There are a couple different ways you can prevent this by setting certain settings  —

Access the Zoom meeting's settings

If you set the Zoom meeting up in Canvas-Zoom, edit it there:

  • Log into Canvas in a web browser
  • Navigate to the course
  • Click on Zoom
  • Click the meeting title
  • Scroll down and click "Edit this meeting"


If you set the Zoom meeting up on the Tufts Zoom website, edit it there:

  • Log into with your Tufts credentials and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Click "Meetings" in the menu on the left side
  • Mouse over the meeting title and click "Edit"

Once you have accessed the Zoom meeting's settings, you can make the needed change —

Option 1 - uncheck the "join before host" box (in Canvas-Zoom), or the "Allow participants to join anytime" box (in Tufts Zoom on a web browser)

When you uncheck this box, your meeting participants will only be able to enter the meeting room if you, as host, are there


NOTE: after you've unchecked the box, be sure to scroll down and click "Save" to save the edited meeting settings

Option 2 - Enable the "Waiting Room"

Alternatively, you can enable a "waiting room" for the meeting. When this is enabled, you will have to "admit" your students and other participants one at a time.

To learn more visit: How do I enable the waiting room in Zoom?