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How can I migrate teaching-related Zoom recordings?

The following steps and guides will take you through migrating your teaching-related Zoom recordings off Zoom and onto other platforms.

NOTE: Video recordings of prior class sessions in which students, guest lecturers, or others appear should not be shared without their express permission.

See: Tufts University Privacy Statements & Terms of Use

Step 1 - Login into your Tufts Zoom account and review your Zoom recordings

  1. Log into with your Tufts credentials.
  2. Click "Recordings" to see a list of your recordings in reverse chronological order.
  3. Click the title of any recording to see more information about it.
  4. Export a list of all your Zoom cloud recordings to see more data including how often and how recently they've been viewed.

    See: Managing cloud recordings, scroll down to "How to export a list of cloud recordings"

Step 2 - Download recordings you wish to migrate

Step 3 - Upload the recordings to other platforms

If you will be referencing or using the recordings for teaching you can upload them to Canvas My Media, which is your personal library of recordings in Canvas.

See: How do I upload a video to My Media in Canvas?

If you are already an Echo360 user you can upload recordings to your Echo360 Library which is your personal collection of recordings.

See: How do I upload media to Echo360?

If you just want to store the recordings without sharing or streaming them, you can upload them to Box.

See: Downloading and Uploading to Box

REMINDER: When you upload videos to Canvas My Media or to the Echo360 library, you are the only person who can view them.

If, however, you share videos to a Canvas course site via the Canvas Media Gallery, or using other Canvas tools, course participants will be able to view them.

Once you've uploaded a video to the Canvas My Media (the private video library of your Canvas account), it is possible to edit the recording to remove footage of students and others.

See: How do I edit a video uploaded or recorded with My Media?

Step 4 - Publish a recording to a Canvas course site

Once you've uploaded recordings to Canvas My Media you can publish them to a Canvas course site (if it's appropriate to do so).

See: How do I publish a video from My Media to a course site's Media Gallery?

See: How do I embed video from My Media in a Canvas text-editing window? (New)

See: How do I add a My Media or Media Gallery video to a Canvas Module?

For assistance with any of these steps migrating your teaching-related Zoom recordings please reach out to [email protected].