Educational Technology User GuidesZoomUsing Breakout RoomsFor Participants: How do I access a Zoom meeting with pre-assigned breakout rooms?

For Participants: How do I access a Zoom meeting with pre-assigned breakout rooms?

When your instructor hosts a class in Zoom, they may set up breakout rooms ahead of time, so the class can have smaller group discussions and activities.

To ensure the breakout room experience works smoothly for you, it's important that you log into Zoom with your Tufts Zoom account (if you have one).

NOTE: even if you are logged into Canvas, or logged into the Tufts Zoom website, you still may not be logged into your Tufts Zoom account in the app on your computer. Follow the steps below to ensure you are logged in correctly —

Open the Zoom App on your computer and click on the initials or profile photo in the upper right corner

Check your account username

If you are a member of the Tufts community, your Zoom username should show as your [email protected] email address.

If you find that a different account is showing, choose "Switch Account"

Sign in to your Zoom account

NOTE: If you are a Tufts user, do NOT use the "Email" and "Password" fields to sign in. Instead, click "Sign In with SSO".

Tufts participants signing in with SSO should ensure that "tufts" is typed into the "Your company domain" field
Once you've finished signing into Zoom, you can join your meeting

If you are already in the meeting, you are all set. Otherwise, you can join the meeting by clicking on the link provided, hitting the join button in Canvas, or clicking the home button and joining with the meeting ID number. 

The meeting host will open the breakout rooms at the appropriate time, and you will automatically be placed in one.  If for some reason this doesn't work, the meeting host can manually place you in a room.  Alert them with a note in the Chat window if this happens.