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What Zoom settings should I set ahead of time to secure my Zoom classroom?

Once you have set up your Zoom class meetings in Canvas-Zoom, you can log into your Tufts Zoom account and set additional settings before the meeting starts, to enhance participant safety —

Log into your Tufts Zoom account


Click on "Meetings" and click on the title of the meeting you'd like to edit settings for

Scroll down and click "Edit" to edit the following settings

Schedule each Zoom meeting to have a unique link (instead of re-using a link many times, which makes it vulnerable to getting shared out publicly)

Your Zoom Personal Meeting ID and Link are always the same, and can get accidentally shared out publicly. Consider disabling them:

Keep your Zoom class meetings passcode protected

All Zoom meetings are passcode protected by default. Keep this setting enabled to keep your meetings secure.

To further protect your meeting, disable the setting called: "Embed passcode in meeting link for one-click join." When this is disabled, you must provide the passcode in a separate communication from the meeting link. This is less convenient, but is a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

See: Zoom Account Settings


In addition to adjusting settings for individual meetings, you can set Zoom-wide settings which will apply to all of the meetings you create —

Find these settings in your Zoom account online, under "Settings". To find any given setting, scroll down through the sections titled: Security, Schedule Meeting, In Meeting (Basic), In Meeting (Advanced), Email Notification, and Other.

Enable "Identify guest participants in the meeting/webinar"

Enable this setting so that you as the meeting host and other Tufts Zoom users can check the participants list to see if a participant without a Tufts Zoom account has joined.

Restrict annotation so that only the presenter can annotate

In the Zoom meeting settings enable "Only the user who is sharing can annotate".

Prevent participants from transferring files

In the Zoom meeting settings disable "File Transfer".

NOTE: This is disabled by default in Tufts Zoom accounts.

Prevent removed participants from rejoining a meeting

Disable "Allow removed participants to rejoin" so ejected attendees cannot re-enter the meeting.

NOTE: This is disabled by default in your Tufts Zoom account.

REMEMBER: Never share a Zoom meeting link in a public setting, such as on social media or online bulletin boards, in blog posts or news articles, or on listservs or email lists with wide distribution.