How do I download a Zoom recording?

From your Tufts' Zoom account you can download Zoom recordings which you've recorded to the "cloud".

The instructions below step you through the download process —

NOTE: you don't need to download your "local" recordings, as they have already been saved to your computer

Visit Tufts' instance of Zoom on a web browser and  click "Sign In"

In your web browser go to

Sign into Zoom with two-factor authentication with your username (UTLN) and password

Once you are logged into your Zoom account, choose "Recordings" from the left-hand menu

You will see a list of your cloud recordings in reverse chronological order

View the details of a recording by clicking on its title

Each Zoom recording has multiple files associated with it

There are two ways to download a Zoom recording:

1. Download all the files associated with the recording. These may include: Video of shared screen with speaker view, Audio only, Transcript, and Chat file.


2. Download only the specific file(s) you need, e.g. the Audio transcript, or the Chat file.

NOTE: If you're not sure which files you may need, choose option 1 and download them all.

Option 1 - To download a recording and all associated files click the white "Download" button

A message will remind you that the recording and its associated files will be downloaded as separate files. Click the blue "Download" button to proceed

Option 2 - To download specific files associated with a given recording go to the "details" view of the recording

Where it says "The recording includes the files listed below: " you will see a list of all the available associated files

Hover over the name of the file you want, and click the small "download" arrow to the right of the filename

Check your "Downloads" folder, or the place on your computer where your downloads are usually stored, to make sure all the files you want have downloaded completely.

You can rename the files if needed, to better keep track of the content.