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How do I use a passcode for my Zoom class meeting?

NOTE: All meetings created with Tufts Zoom now have a passcode automatically included for added security.  Having a passcode for a meeting prevents someone from randomly typing in a Zoom meeting ID and accessing that meeting uninvited.

These instructions explain how to work with meeting passcodes —

When setting up the Zoom meeting in Canvas or on the Tufts Zoom website, you will see that "Passcode" is always checked

Zoom automatically generates a six-digit passcode in the Passcode field

You have the option of customizing the passcode by typing in a six-digit code of your choosing

NOTE: Be sure not to choose a passcode that's easy to decipher, such as "123456"

When you access the meeting's "Invite Link" you will see the passcode encrypted and embedded in the second half of the link

If you created the meeting in Canvas-Zoom, your students can enter the meeting directly from there, simply by clicking "Join" next to the meeting title

They will not have to hand-enter the passcode

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the meeting Invitation into an email to your students, but be sure not to post it anywhere publicly

Meeting attendees can follow that link to access the meeting, without having to hand-enter the passcode.

In the Zoom toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window click "Participants", click "Invite", then click "Copy Invitation"

This will copy the complete invitation to the Zoom meeting, including the link + passcode, which you can then email to your students or other attendees.