How do I display only my panelists’ video?

If you wish to display between one and nine specific speakers during a meeting, you can use the Spotlight feature:


If you wish to display more than nine specific speakers at a time, such as a group of panelists, or an interviewer and interviewee, you can hide the other meeting participants.

The host can ask all of the students to turn off their video (or the host can turn off their videos for them). Then, on the 'start video' menu, choose 'video settings'.

One of those setting options will be 'Hide non-video participants' - check that box. 

If the panelists are the only ones with their cameras on, the students will be able to see the panelists' faces (and only their faces) in gallery view. The speaker view/gallery view button toggles, and it will be up to the students to make sure that they are each viewing the screen in gallery view - you cannot control this for them.