How do I publish a Zoom recording in Canvas?

The Canvas-Zoom integration allows instructors to publish the cloud recording of a meeting (that was scheduled in Canvas, and not via directly from the Canvas-Zoom interface.

  • Hosts will receive an email with a link to a streaming version of the cloud recording. This link will work regardless of whether or not the recording is published in Canvas.
  • Once published in Canvas, the recording will be available to the entire class. Faculty who wish to limit recording access can share the view URL with specific users (less secure) or download the recordings and add the files to a Box directory that is restricted to those users (more secure).
  • Note that Zoom recordings will not be stored indefinitely. If a recording is very important, it is best to download a local copy and save it to a secure location, such as Box, or publish to the Media Gallery in your Canvas course.

Log into Canvas, go into a course, and click "Zoom" in the left-hand menu

You will see the Canvas Zoom Dashboard (do NOT click on 'All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings, as this will display meetings and recordings that were scheduled via and therefore not managed in Canvas).

To access the recordings,  click "Cloud Recordings"

You will see the cloud recordings listed. Note the gray unpublished status.

Click the publish toggle button to publish the recording to your students. Note the blue published status.

The recording will now be available on the student view of Zoom Cloud Recordings. The student may click on the title of the meeting to open the recording.