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How do I change the date/time of a single Zoom class in a recurring series?

If you have a series of recurring Zoom meetings set up for your class for the semester, but one of those classes takes place at a different date/time, you have two options for letting your students know that the date/time of that particular meeting has changed —

OPTION 1 - Leave the Zoom meeting as is, but communicate the date/time change to your students

You can leave that one Zoom meeting as is, and just tell your students to click the "Join" link in Canvas-Zoom on the different day/time, and everything will work as expected.

This is because scheduling a date and time for a Zoom meeting is really just a way to put it on the calendar. Zoom meetings can actually be started by the host on any day, at any time.

OPTION 2 - Log into Zoom and change that one meeting

If you want the date/time change to be reflected in the Canvas-Zoom meeting list and Canvas calendar, you can change the meeting date/time without altering the meeting link, but you must make the change directly in Zoom.  Here's how —

Log directly into the Zoom website (rather than accessing Zoom through Canvas)

In a web browser, go to

Log into Zoom using single-sign on

This guide explains how to log-in with single sign on: How do I log into Zoom?

Once logged in, click on the "Meetings" tab

Find the meeting whose date you wish to change, mouse over the title, and click "Edit"

In the pop-up window click "Edit This Occurrence"

Change the date/time as needed and click "Done"

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save"

NOTE: Once this change is made, only the date/time of that instance of the Zoom meeting will have changed. The Zoom meeting link, password, etc., that are used for the recurring meetings will remain the same. If the meeting is set to automatically record, the recording will start whenever you start the meeting.

Log into Canvas and click the Zoom tab to confirm the change is there

NOTE: If you are already logged into Canvas, you must log out, and log back in, to see these changes reflected in the Zoom tool inside Canvas.

NOTE: Your students will not automatically receive a note that this change has been made (because it was made outside the Canvas-Zoom tool).  You can contact them to let them know of the change.

Change the item in the Canvas calendar

To insure that particular Zoom class shows correctly in the Canvas calendar do the following —

Click the "Calendar" icon in the menu on the left side

Find the class whose date you changed, click on it, then click "Edit"

Adjust the date/time as needed and click "Submit"

The date/time change will now be shown in the Canvas calendar

NOTE: You may have to log out and log back into Canvas to see this change reflected on the "Home" page or other pages in Canvas.