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How do I change my Zoom display name and add pronouns?

In your Tufts Zoom account you have the option of editing your display name to revise your name and add pronouns of your choosing. Once edited, the new display name will show in all your Zoom meetings.

These instructions show you how —

In a web browser, log into you Tufts Zoom account using your Tufts credentials and single-sign on (SSO)

Once signed in, click "Profile" in the list on the left

To the right of your name click "Edit"

In the "Display Name" field, type in the name and pronouns you would like to show in all your Zoom meetings

Note: the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields are populated with your name as it is listed in PeopleSoft or SIS.  To make changes to those see: Tufts Preferred Name Change

To save your display name edits be sure to scroll down and click "Save Changes"

In addition to making the above change to your name and pronouns to show in all of your Zoom meetings, you can make temporary changes to your display name within a given meeting —

See: How do I rename myself when in a Zoom meeting?