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How can I add a Zoom recording (file) to Canvas as a student?

Once you've recorded a Zoom meeting, you can transfer it to Canvas My Media / Media Gallery to share with your students. We recommend that you do this, because your storage in Zoom is limited, whereas your storage in Canvas My Media and Media Gallery is unlimited.

Follow the instructions below to add a Zoom recording to Canvas —

When recording your session in Zoom, be sure to record "to the cloud"

See Recording with Zoom for step-by-step instructions on recording a Zoom meeting.

You will receive an email when the recording has been processed, and is ready to view.

In the "Cloud Recording" email you receive from Zoom, click the "For host only" link

Clicking that link will take you to the "My Recordings" section of your Zoom account dashboard

Click the Download button next to the recording

The recording will be downloaded to your computer as an .mp4 file, which is a full video recording of your meeting, and an .m4a file, which is an audio-only recording.  

Upload the video to "My Media" in Canvas.

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload a video to the My Media section of Canvas, see How to upload to My Media

Publish the video from My Media to Media Gallery in Canvas, to make it visible to all students

In Canvas, videos you upload to My Media become part of your personal video library, viewable only by you. If you want students in a course to be able to see any given video, you must publish it to the Media Gallery for the course.

For step-by-step instructions see: How do I publish a video from My Media to a course site's Media Gallery?

You can also embed the video into an Announcement, Assignment, Discussion, or other content in Canvas

You can also add a video to a Module in Canvas