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How do I access my Zoom profile and other settings?

By logging into your Tufts Zoom account on a web browser, you can access your Zoom profile and other settings, in case you want to make changes that will globally to apply to all of your Zoom meetings.

Follow these steps to access your Zoom settings —

In a browser, visit the Tufts Zoom website and sign in with single-sign on

The Tufts Zoom website is located at

Make sure you sign in correctly using your Tufts credentials and single sign on (SSO).
See: How do I sign into my Tufts Zoom account on the web?

Once signed in to your Tufts Zoom account, you'll see a list of Zoom account categories on the left side of the screen

Click on a category to select it. Within a category you can scroll through the list of items on the right side of the screen and make changes as needed.

  • Profile - make changes to your display photo, display name, etc
  • Meetings  - see a list of your existing Zoom meetings and start or edit them. NOTE: if you created your Zoom meetings in Canvas, we recommend you edit them there, when possible.
  • Webinars - are available by request for special large public events. Visit here for more information.
  • Personal Audio Conference - is not enabled in Tufts Zoom
  • Recordings - to see a list of your existing Zoom recordings. NOTE: if you have created the Zoom  recordings in Canvas, we recommend that you access them there, when possible.
  • Settings - to make changes to global settings that will apply to all your meetings. NOTE: some of these are permanently pre-set for security reasons.

NOTE: Be sure to only make Zoom account changes that you understand. If you have questions about how a certain setting should be set, you can request assistance at [email protected]