How can I poll my students with Zoom?

One of the best ways to get immediate student feedback is to poll your students during class. Zoom has a built-in polling tool that you can use to pose questions to your students and get real-time feedback on their responses. In order to use Zoom polling, you need to enable it in yourZoom settings and prepare your questions in advance.

How to enable Polling for your Zoom account

Open your "Settings" page on

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on "In Meeting (Basic)"
  3. Scroll down to find the "Polling" setting and click the switch to enable

Now when you start a Zoom session you should now see the "Polling" button with the other Zoom controls.

How to Create poll questions in advance

Although it is possible to create questions "on the fly" during your sessions, we find it is best to create your questions in advance.

Open your scheduled meeting on

You can only add questions to a meeting that you have already scheduled, meaning that you need to create the meeting, save it before adding polls. Because the options for editing polls are better on, we recommend setting up your polls there even if you scheduled your meetings through Canvas.

Click "Add" in the polling section a the bottom of the page

Scroll to the bottom of the meeting page and click "Add" in the box where it says "You have not created any poll yet."


Add questions to the Poll

  1. Give your poll a title
    • NOTE: a "Poll" in Zoom can have multiple questions. Multiple questions will be shown simultaneously when the poll is launched.
  2. Enter the question prompt
  3. Enter two or more answer choices (question can be single or multiple answer)
    • Answers cannot be designated "correct"
  4. Click "+ Add a Question" to add more questions to the poll
  5. Click "Save" when done

Create more polls as needed

Click "Add" to create more polls. The polls you create will be listed at the bottom of the meeting page. Polls can be edited or deleted later.

How to launch polls during a Zoom meeting

Click the "Polling" icon in the Zoom meeting controls

NOTE: You must be the host to have access to the Polling features.

Select the Poll you want to launch

Click on the poll title at the top of the window to select other polls (if you created more than one poll for the meeting).

Click "Launch Poll" after selecting the poll.

NOTE: if a Poll has multiple questions they will be displayed simultaneously.

View the poll responses as they come in

The top of the poll window will turn green when the question is launched and a timer will show how long the question has been upen. You can also see how students have responded on the chart.

Click "End Poll" to close the question.

Share the poll results with your students

If you want your students to see how they responded, click "Share Results".

Close the poll or launch another

If you want to end the poll, click the red "close" button in the upper left-hand corner.

If you want share another question, click the poll title to open the list of polls.