Educational Technology User GuidesZoom Recording with ZoomHow can I create and access audio transcripts of Zoom recordings?

How can I create and access audio transcripts of Zoom recordings?

When you record Zoom meetings to the "cloud",  Zoom can automatically create a transcript which can then be accessed along with the video.

See: Automatically Transcribe Cloud Recordings

The instructions below show you how to access these —

Visit your Tufts Zoom account to view your recordings

Go to and click "Recordings" to see a list of your recordings. The status of the transcription process will be displayed to the right of the video thumbnail.

Once the transcription is complete, the status will update.

NOTE: The video recording will be generated by Zoom and posted to your recordings area before the audio transcript is complete. It may take hours or days for the transcription process to finish. During this time you can view the recording, but the transcript will display a 'transcribing' status, until it is ready to be viewed.

When the transcription is complete, view it by clicking the video thumbnail

Click the recording thumbnail to view the video and transcription

The transcription will automatically display on the right, and will advance as the video plays

If you wish, you can edit the transcription to display on the video instead, to look like a closed caption. You can also hover over each individual transcription section to edit/correct any words.

Click "Download" above the transcript to download the transcript, audio, and video files

These three files will be in the .vtt, .m4a, and .mp4 formats respectively

As an alternative to the automatically-generated transcript, you can have a meeting participant manually close-caption your meeting in real-time, while it's being recorded.

See: How can I manually close-caption a Zoom recording in real time?